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DevOps should be about value to business

I was intrigued recently at a presentation about DevOps in which one of the headline key objectives of DevOps was “to increase the speed and frequency of software releases”.

When I saw this statement it struck me that this wasn’t really the reason why DevOps has become so hyped in recent years, after all just because you release code faster and on a more frequent basis, doesn’t necessarily mean it is better or drives any additional value to the organisation. And to me value is at the heart of this or any other framework or methodologies that may be adopted by business. Continue reading DevOps should be about value to business

C# for beginners -Consecutive Numbers

Hi, I have been learning C# recently and one of the problems I was given to solve was as follows:

Read in numbers until the same number is typed X times in succession. Have the user specify the value of X. Continue reading C# for beginners -Consecutive Numbers

Collaboration requires different perspectives

Do not presume your knowledge of a subject means you know the answer to a problem. Your answer will inherit a natural bias of what you know, not what you don’t know. Your answers may lie in the ideas of those that do not necessarily have subject matter expertise and the perspective they bring to solving the problem. They instinctively think outside your box.