I am a Solution Architect with UXC Connect (a CSC company) providing solution design for IT managed services, Cloud Services, Service portfolio development, Business requirements analysis, Service Transition design, Service delivery design, and cost and pricing model development.

I have a strong technical background having been a professional Server and Network Engineer for 20 years and like a large number of IT technical people a long (30+ years) history in hobby computer and electronics way back to the early micro computers of the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Today my involvement at the technical deep dive level is usually only as a hobby at home and not from a career perspective, tending to focus more on the business outcomes technology can deliver rather than the specific implementation mechanics. These days I tend to only choose those things that particularly interest me when it comes to getting a deeper technical understanding of implementation. Of course working in the IT industry I still maintain a fairly comprehensive level of knowledge at a high level on technologies evolving in the industry and as they apply to business.


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