State of Origin – Losing appeal

I watched the latest #StateOfOrigin on Channel 9 last night and lost a few hours of my life I will never get back. It had to be the most boring game so far in the history of State Of Origin and I have to say it has pretty much lost it appeal for me as a sport fan in this day and age.

To be honest State Of Origin and Rugby League in general has been losing its appeal for me for the last ten years, not only because Queensland has just dominated the sport during this time, but because the sport has become so sedate that lawn bowls looks more appealing as a contact sport.

Look at last nights game where one of the Queensland players went in for a big tackle and came off second best and then the referees decided they should stop play until he was able to get off his backside and get back in line. What is with that, really, I am surprised the referee didn’t go over with a tissue and dab his head and kiss him better as well. There, there little Johnny it’s OK.

It is laughable and completely ruined the run of play for NSW (not that it would have helped them). Not to mention the ball and all tackle by Paul Galen that was ruled high, another joke, but symptomatic of a game that has just lost its appeal as a hard hitting contact sport, the last bastion of tough as nails men on the sporting battlefield.

When you look at last nights game, NSW despite all the possession never looked like scoring. They just kept passing from side to side, no go forward, no spark in attack, nothing. It was boring as bat shit, and the Queensland defense was clinical as usual, despite Cooper Cronk’s lapse in judgement, but even the Maroons were lack luster in their attack.

Out of last nights game I would have to say that Matt Moylan and Blake Ferguson should be shown the door. They are just not of the class needed at Origin level and it showed with their inability to communicate and Matt still looking like he is mastering Under 6’s with his ball catching skills.

But swapping out players is in my opinion entirely irrelevant, the game has just become so boring that I don’t think I will bother watching the rest of the series. At the moment I watch Friday nights game and Sunday afternoon, but even the Sunday afternoon games this season I have mostly been skipping due to lack of interest. The rules and refereeing in Rugby League have just become so frustrating and infuriating not only for the players (no doubt), but for the fans too, that they have completely ruined the game. These days the game is more about the referees, the bunker and gambling advertising than anything that the players have to offer on the field.

And while I am not advocating MMA style fights on the football field, a little bit of biffo now and then sorts out the pecking order on the field, but alas we need to pander to whinging minority groups.

Enough of my rant though, I think that this is it for me being a lifelong supporter of rugby league, time for a change and hope the game improves for those who remain.


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